18 May 2022
How Long Does Window Replacement Take in Omaha?

This question can be divided into two categories. The actual replacement of the window and the ordering of the glass. Here is a breakdown of how long window replacement will take in Omaha, so you can plan your home window replacement project accordingly. How Long Does Window Replacement Take in Omaha? Window Installation Process: Start […]

How to Prioritize Home Upgrades: Windows, Doors & Roofs

Home upgrades can be one of the most difficult things to get a handle on in the average household. A house is rarely perfect when you first buy it, and most houses could use a few upgrades five or ten years into living there. How to Prioritize Home Upgrades: Windows, Doors & Roofs When you […]

23 Mar 2022
Wildfire Smoke

Smoke from a wildfire makes the air outside dangerously unhealthy and toxic to breathe. The dense smoke and ash can travel into our homes and make indoor air dangerous to inhale, posing high risks to occupants’ health and safety. As wood and other organic materials burn, complex gas mixtures and fine particles result in dense […]

07 Feb 2022
resale value

New windows do increase the resale value of a home. In fact, windows are one of the first things a buyer will notice about your home. New, modern, attractive windows add curb appeal, which prospective buyers will be attracted to and aspire to own. More importantly, new windows boost your home’s energy efficiency and thus […]

Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are usually a big commitment in terms of time, discomfort and costs. Before starting to plan and set a home renovation budget, do some soul searching. Whether you’re thinking of replacement windows or new siding, determine what is motivating the need for improvements. Next, decide what you want the outcome of the […]

29 Dec 2021
Window in the Attic

The attic is a sort of mysterious space in the home. It’s defined as the area just below the roof of the house. While insulation and ventilation are typical concerns for attics, sometimes that includes windows. Dormer windows, top-hinged roof windows, rose windows, and skylights all serve to illuminate, ventilate and add appeal to pitched […]

20 Nov 2021

Condensation on the outside of windows or in your home is quite normal. It occurs predominantly in the winter months because of the contrast between the interior and exterior air temperatures. Condensation in your home is caused by high levels of humidity, and it can happen in both summer and winter. Is Condensation on Windows […]