25 Jun 2020

Benefits of Flexible Window Screens

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Your windows do a huge amount to look after your home by helping you maintain your security and keep people out. Meanwhile, they also keep your property dry and safe from the elements. Windows and window screens let light into our homes and they make a big impact on the overall appearance of a property.

Considering all those windows do for us then, it is only right that we ask what we can do for them! With windows being subjected to the elements, they need a little looking after. In addition, the more you do to keep your windows in tip-top shape, the more they will do to look after your home.

The Benefits of Flexible Window Screens

This is where window screens come in. Window screens are additional layers that will help to protect your windows. To clarify, they let your windows perform their key functions for longer and to a higher standard. These actually help to enhance the integrity of your home by adding a protective layer. Furthermore, they provide additional functionality to your window. Specifically, you can now open the window without having to have your home completely exposed.

Most window screens are made from hard materials like aluminum, wire, fiberglass, or polyester. Some are even made from copy or galvanized/stainless steel.  While these are common though, they may not be the optimum solution. Instead, you may just find that flexible window screens offer more benefits with fewer drawbacks.

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Whereas traditional window screens are made from rigid, inflexible materials, flexible window screens are far more pliable. These can be easily installed thanks to how easily they will conform to the shape of your window. They will often last longer as well. Whereas you will often need to paint regular window screens, flexible screens do not usually have this requirement. Flexible window screens are also attractive, lightweight, and even more affordable!

So, the question then, is whether they can still do everything that their harder counterparts can do. The short answer? Yep! Here are just some of the ways that you can benefit from having a flexible window screen:

Improved protection

By offering an additional layer of protection on top of your glass, a window screen can prevent vandalism or forced entry. It is much harder for someone to break through these two layers of glass than it would be for them to break in through just one. This also helps to offer additional protection against other detritus and debris.

Improved efficiency

The best window installation in the world will not be able to keep out 100% of the elements. If you have extremely heavy rainfall for instance, then you will often notice that this results in water coming in through the edges and pooling on your floor. This can then cause damage to your property! Fortunately, any type of window screen will add an additional layer and make it more difficult for this to happen.

Improved energy efficiency

That also goes for energy efficiency! With a flexible window screen, you will be adding additional insulation. While this might not seem like it would make a big difference (what with the screen being porous and not made from insulating materials), the truth is that these gaps help to provide air pockets. And guess what? Air is one of the best insulators in the world! This is why double glazing is so efficient in the first place, after all!

More options

Finally, a window screen also provides you with additional options when it comes to the way you want to use your window. Specifically, you can now open your window while using the screen as a filter to prevent bugs and other things from coming in. This is an ideal solution for someone who feels too hot but doesn’t want to invite all of nature into their home, or who wants to maintain a little added security. That in turn means you don’t need to run your AC unit, which saves you money!

As you can see then, there are a lot of great reasons to get a window screen. Speak with a local installation company about the best options for your home, and get a quote. You’ll find that it’s easy to get one made to fit, so there’s no reason not to go ahead!

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