10 Jul 2020

Benefits of Replacing Old Home Windows

replacing old home windows in Omaha

Houses and homes are often judged by their windows.

If you’ve just purchased or leased a property that’s been standing for years before your arrival, then it’s likely that you would like to bring on some changes that help to make it yours. Maintenance of the air-conditioning, vents, heating system and gas lines are a given – but sometimes replacing old home windows can also be one of the most important changes.

What Are the Benefits of Replacing Old Home Windows?

Why is it so important to change out older home windows – and what can you do with them from there? Here are some of the most important benefits of replacing old home windows for newer ones.

How old is old?

Just how old are “old” home windows?

There are many properties that were built more than 50 years ago, but some houses have been standing for several hundred. Any home windows that aren’t modernized, glass panes are seen in the majority of newer constructions could be called “old” and some could even be called “antique.”

Old home windows have certain characteristics that were considered great for the time, but less useful (and even dangerous) today. This includes the way they diffuse light, the way they might shatter, and the ingredients that older windows sometimes contained, including lead.

Old windows are fragile

The windows that you’ll find in older homes and properties are often far more fragile than more modern windows.

Older windows have already seen years or decades of wear that might have created weak spots in the window where they are more likely to break. Older windows are also more likely to break with sharp fragments, where newer windows have been designed to break or shatter in safer ways.

Replacing windows can mean that the occupants are safer.

Old windows might still contain lead

Older windows contained ingredients like lead. Today, we know that it’s potentially unsafe – although we didn’t know this at the time these windows were originally installed. Should you have windows that still have a lead “sheen” to them, they should be replaced as soon as possible. These could be especially dangerous if they shatter or break.

Old windows might be worth something

Older windows are still worth something to collectors – and if you have lead-containing, older windows in the home, there is likely a company out there that will pay cash for it. This has the extra benefit of earning something for them while being able to have them safely removed by an expert.

It’s not guaranteed that older windows are always worth money, but it pays to check if they might be.

Old windows can still be recycled

Windows that don’t have value in terms of being “antiques” can still have value for being recycled. Disposing of glass through a recycling outlet means that you know you’re disposing of a fragile, potentially dangerous substance in the correct ways.

If you have recently replaced (or broken) windows, seek your nearest recycling outlet.

Newer windows protect better against UV rays

We know a lot more about the potential damage of the sun’s rays in today’s times. It’s another reason why older windows are best changed out for their newer counterparts. Newer windows have been specifically designed to counter the most harmful and harsh UV rays that might just have gone straight through older ones.

Sunlight entering through the windows of your home can damage everything from essential items through to house occupants. For everyone’s safety, you’re better off with a replacement.

Newer windows can guard against weather or impact

Modernized windows have been designed to guard against impacts and weather damage. If you live in a high-risk area for weather events, then replacing your windows (and installing storm screens) should be one of the first avenues that you follow to ensure the safety of everyone inside.

Newer windows might be intelligent

Today, windows aren’t just windows. Many have been designed in order to be more intelligent; in this way, some window types are able to adapt to light as it changes – or can be set on a shutter system that’s linked directly up to a smartphone for ease-of-use.

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