17 Feb 2020

What type of Bay Window is Best for My Home?

Bay Window

Bay windows open up your home with natural light while having that practical space for you to create a window seat, garden ledge, or multi-use area. There are several types of bay windows that people don’t even realize. With different designs, we can determine the character of an individual. From the simplest to the most elegant. From darkest to lightest of colors.

What type of Bay Window is Best for My Home?

We have found some types of bay windows that you may have lots of option and maybe one design suits your style or taste.

Canted Bay Window

Canted bay windows are the classic designs of bay windows which we can find at Columbus. Its front pane of the window is flat, parallel to the home exterior while the sides are slanted out. The canted bay windows can also be found on Victorian homes. It has at least three (3) and sometimes four (4) individual windows.

Bay Window Oriel

Oriel bay windows are unique among other types of bay windows for almost always being on the second story. This is a nice place to put a reading nook by adding custom cushions to the interior of the bay window. It could open up a sense of space and add much-needed natural light. These windows lend a Gothic-style appeal, so it may be appropriate for an older home.

Oriel is related to the Latin word “porch”. These windows are typically found over the entrance to a building — basically where the porch would be but are not connected to the ground.

Box Bay Window

Box-style bay windows are popular among homeowners who want to install a bay window but do not want to mess about with the positioning of the walls.

These are the flexible type of bay windows that can be placed anywhere in the home. Since you won’t need to move the walls, box bay windows are less expensive to install than larger bay windows. Box bay windows have a boxy shape: they look like three windowpanes with a small roof overhang. When seen from the home exterior, box bay windows are flat. The effect is as if the home siding were bumped out to accommodate the bay window.

Bow Bay Window

Bow bay windows can be used for any purpose that you would use a linear bay window. These tend to be larger than box-style bay windows, which means more space on the interior, more natural light, and a more noticeable footprint from the home’s exterior.
The name of this window suggests the shape. Bow bay windows have a gentle curve to them, unlike boxy windows. Bow bay windows consist of four or more casement windows gently curved to create an arch shape.

Bay window maybe a half square, semi-hexagonal, semi-octagonal or semi-circular in the plan. The bay window has angles of 90, 135, or 150 degrees, though triangular bays formed of two windows set at 120 degrees are also found.

The types of bay windows you choose will depend on the architecture of your home, and climate. The Bay window can change the look and feel of a room more than any other type of windows.

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