03 Jan 2020

Bow Windows vs Bay Windows

Bow windows vs bay windows Omaha

If the popular expression is true and eyes really are the windows to the soul, then windows could very well say to be the soul of the house. Whether you’re buying a home or hoping to alter the existing windows in the home you are in now, there are many types of windows available to you  – and each of them have their own advantages, disadvantages and/or special charm that makes it the right window type for the atmosphere you’d like to create.

Bow windows vs bay windows are two of the most popular options for home windows, often seen in older houses and being added to newer ones with increasing frequency. Bow and bay windows are big windows that allow more natural light inside the house – and catch the sun in a way that no other home windows really manage to.

What are the Differences Between Bow Windows vs. Bay Windows?

Bay or bow window installations are great if you want to create the illusion of more space in a smaller environment, or if you want to make a space more welcoming with access to more natural outside light. It can also help to create a small section that creates either a small extension to the living room or a reading corner with great light.

Energy-efficient windows can help to cool down a warmer room, or they can create a comforting section in which you can hide from the cold during the winter months. Energy star windows will also help lower heating and cooling costs all year round.

Bow windows vs Bay windows: What’s the Difference?

Know the difference between bow windows vs bay windows before choosing to have these installed.

  • Bay windows are smaller than bow windows.
  • They are angled, but bow windows are curved.
  • Bay windows contain smaller window openings, while bow windows do not.
  • They are cheaper to install than bow windows are.

Which Should I Choose?

If you are in the market for a house or rental and window choice has something to do with it, look for either bow or bay windows where you’d like to create space and more light: If you’d like to have these window options installed in a house where they aren’t present already, speak to a professional (and licensed) contractor about your needs and how practical either bow or bay windows are to install.

Which of the two is best for your needs will eventually depend on how well either compliments space: Here is where contractors can help to give you pretty good advice!

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