07 Dec 2019

Casement vs Double-Hung Windows

casement vs double-hung windows

Getting the right windows for your property is incredibly important and can make a huge difference to. Of course having the right set of windows will help to improve your property’s insulation and therefore your energy efficiency. At the same time though, it will also help to improve the appearance and aesthetics of your home from both the outside and the inside. Windows also impact on your privacy, your security and more – so be sure to do your research and get the right windows for the job.

To help you get started, this post will examine the differences between casement vs double-hung windows – two popular options.

Casement vs Double-Hung Windows Comparison

Casement Windows

These are popular windows that operate with a crank and a set of hinges on one side, swinging out like a door. These let in lots of light and are a particularly good choice for bay window areas! This also means that they can be opened with one hand.

Casement windows are popularly used anywhere that you need to reach to open a window (thus meaning you can only use one hand. They are best suited to areas that don’t offer a health and safety risk – often that means they are lower to the ground. This is because their ability to swing open wide, means they can easily be climbed through! (Though of course, there are ways to limit how far a casement window will open).

Casement windows let in a lot of light, which is because they don’t have the sash dividing that other options (like double hung) have.

Double Hung Windows

A double hung window is a window that can slide up and down inside a frame. In many cases, you will be able to slide both the bottom and top sashes – though some only let you move one or the other.

Double hung windows have the benefit of lasting a long time. Whereas a casement window will need replacing if the crank breaks, there are fewer moving parts in a double hung window. Likewise, casement windows are more exposed to the elements when they are opened. There is no right or wrong answer here of course! This all comes down to personal preference and the requirements of your home.

There are many other options for your windows and every home is different. The secret is just finding the perfect installation to suit your décor and your lifestyle.

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