28 Oct 2020

Common Cold Weather Home Window Problems

cold weather home window problems

When you live in an area that experiences winter, you simply get accustomed to the cold. The temperatures start to drop, the days become shorter, and snow and ice are common. As you are sitting in your nice heated home, you might not realize how the cold winter is affecting your doors and windows. Here are some common cold-weather home window problems that you should watch for during the winter months.

Common Cold Weather Home Window Problems

Air Leaks

When the temperature is mild, leaks are not typically a big concern. However, when there are air leaks during the winter months, it is different. This can make your home uncomfortable and also drive up the cost of trying to keep your house warm. If there are rooms in your house that always feel chilly no matter how high your thermostat, it is a good idea to check your windows for leaks. To do this, shut all of the windows and doors in your home and then use a candle or a stick of incense around your windows. If the smoke starts to pull towards you, it means there is a leak. You might be able to seal it with some weather stripping or caulk. If the leak is quite large, it might be time for new windows.

Heat Transfer

 Like an air leak, windows that do not have insulation or glaze can lose heat throughout the winter months. Touch your windows. If they are cold to touch in the winter, you should upgrade to new windows that have new glazing technology. A double pane window with low-E coating and inert gas fills can provide insulation, which in turn will help keep your home warmer throughout the winter months.


 In most new homes, icing will not be a problem. However, in some circumstances, ice can form inside of the window panes. For this to happen there will need to be a high amount of humidity combined with freezing temperatures. Ice forming on the glass is not typically a concern. However, when ice forms in the gaps of the window assembly, it can break the seals of the window, which can lead to many other issues. In order to lower the risk of this happening, you will want to make sure that you are properly ventilating your house. Use fans or open the windows a bit to allow excess moisture to escape.

Water Damage

Another issue that might arise during the winter months is water damage. When ice melts, the water can leak into the frame, into the walls, or along the sills of the windows. You may notice discoloration, stains, peeling paint, mold, or even signs of rot. Aluminum and wood frames are vulnerable to getting damaged from moisture in the air. If you notice this type of damage you should make sure that you get repairs as soon as you possibly can.

The winter months can be extremely hard on a home. It is important to make sure that you are watching for possible damage that can be caused by extreme swings in the weather. Cold weather can cause all sorts of issues and you need to closely monitor your windows and doors so that you are keeping your home as warm as possible during these cold, dark months. Keeping your windows and doors properly maintained can not only ensure that you are nice and warm during the winter, but it can also help to lower your heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer.

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