04 Oct 2020

Most Common Omaha Winter Roofing Problems

roofing problems

Roofing problems can plague any homeowner and any time, but in Omaha, there are some common roof problems that come with the territory. As a professional roofing company, we have seen our fair share of problems, but there are a few that pop up more often than others.

Most Common Omaha Winter Roofing Problems

We have put together a list of the most common winter roofing issues our Omaha clients face.

Ice Damming

Most Omaha homeowners can tell you just how frustrating ice damming can be. Those who live in the older suburbs as well as in the downtown core are particularly at risk of developing ice damming. Older homes and those with certain architectural features are often plagued with inconsistent attic insulation. In addition, the lack of proper ventilation also adds to the problem.

Ice damming is basically ridges of ice that develop on the eaves of a roof. These collections of ice trap snow and moisture on the roof. As most people know, moisture on any roof will lead to problems given enough time. These collections of ice are formed by the heat in your home rising and melting the snow on the roof. The water will then drip down to the eves and freeze, which causes an ice dam.

Over time, this water will cause rotting, leaks, and other damage to the roof and attic of the home. They also can cause icicles to develop which can damage cars or even pose a danger to people walking by.

Shingle Problems

Every roof will suffer some amount of wear and tear. In Omaha, a higher instance of shingles is found to be missing, loose, cracked, buckled, or even curled. This is mainly due to their exposure to the elements, and in this climate, those elements can get extreme at times. In other climates, shingles will not suffer the abuse and stress that most in Omaha will see in just the course of one year.

Heavy snowfall and massive amounts of rain will have a drastic effect on any roof, not only those here in Omaha. Cold temperatures and extremely hot days all amount to abused shingles that will need to be replaced more frequently.

Gutters & Eavestroughs That Overflow

The gutters on your roof help to divert water not only off of your roof but away from the sides of your home. This helps to keep your foundation intact and extend the lifespan of your roof. When your gutters are overflowing, the water is no longer being properly diverted. This means that it can be pooling on your roof, in your attic, or even at the base of your home.

This problem is most often caused by complications of ice damming, or due to foliage clogging the drains and gutters. It is a good idea to clear your gutters every season to prevent overflowing and to check for any damage caused by ice damming the previous season.

Worn Out Fascia and Soffits

The weather in Omaha is pretty tough on home exteriors. Your roof has a lot of parts that must work together in order to protect your home. If one or more of these parts are broken or deteriorating, the rest of the system will not work efficiently. Soffits and fascia boards are two parts that are often overlooked but happen to be extremely important.

Their role on your roof is to keep your eaves from being damaged by water. They are directly connected to the gutters, so if one system has a problem, chances so do the other. Working with a professional roofing company for seasonal maintenance and cleaning can ensure that your roof is in good shape all year long.

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