17 Jun 2019

Comparing Roofing Estimates

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It’s important to obtain at least three different estimates for your Omaha roofing project, but how can you effectively compare them to ensure the best company is hired? What constitutes America’s Best Roofing Company contractor in Omaha, NE? How does price come into the mix? With the right steps and a little bit of knowledge, you can end up with a successful roof renovation that also delivers good value.

Comparing America’s Best Roofing Company Estimates in Omaha, NE

One of the most common things we see is homeowners receiving incomplete bids that aren’t as thorough as they need to be to ensure a job well done. There’s a lot of room left for interpretation, which never turns up in the favor of you, the client.

The easiest way to compare multiple roofing estimates is to make a checklist of everything you need and have each contractor submit competitive bids based on what you want. This gives you a quick overview of which company is offering the best products and services at the lowest possible price.

Your roofing replacement checklist should include

  • cost & labor
  • warranty
  • material
  • financing
  • incidentals questions

Separate the costs when comparing America’s Best roofing company estimates in Omaha, NE

Be sure that all of the roofing estimates separate the costs for labor and materials. Those numbers are important in comparison and checking for overall accuracy. An itemized estimate will give you a better idea of which contractor is giving you the best service for the best price. The labor section of your estimate is a really important part.

Some people think that the labor is likely to be the same across the board, a relatively fixed hourly wage, but to us, this is really the make-or-break section of the estimate. Most of the time, a contractor who charges more for labor has more skilled workers. A lot of people shy away from estimates of high labor costs, but typically higher wages mean more experienced laborers. And if you want a great roof, you want experienced workers.

Warranties Offered Comparing Roofing Estimates

First, avoid Omaha roofing contractors who don’t stand behind their work with a warranty. A good warranty should cover both the materials and the installation for an extended period of time. For example, many asphalt shingles come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty; the very best contractors will guarantee their installations for a similar duration of time.

Roofing Materials

Obviously, most Omaha roofing contractors will include the types of shingles on the material list, but you’ll also want to make sure they include all supplementary materials, like sealants, additional plywood, and the felt that underlays your roofing shingles on the estimate.

Some Omaha roofing contractors leave certain things off, like plywood replacement boards, because those don’t need to be replaced unless they’re rotting. The problem occurs when they do have to replace them, and they charge you an exorbitant add-on fee for any boards they had to replace. That’s why you want to know the potential cost of supplementary materials before you sign anything.


If you’re financing your roofing installation, look carefully at interest rates and read the fine print to see if any conditions or exclusions apply. Calculate total interest costs over the duration of the financing arrangement to see which roofing contractor offers the most advantageous terms.

Roofing Incidentals

Incidental costs like removal and disposal, as well as freight for the materials, may add big dollars to the estimate. If the quote is inclusive of those, you may be getting a better deal but having these costs itemized allows you to better compare Omaha roofing contractors.

In the end, you will also need to hire an Omaha roofing contractor that you can trust. Timely communication, a willingness to educate you about the process, and the ability to listen to your concerns are all signs of good customer service. Choosing the best roofing contractor in Omaha, NE is certainly not always about choosing the best price.

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We pride ourselves on hiring only the most knowledgeable and experienced installers in the industry. We know how important this investment is to a homeowner and we want to educate you on every aspect you should consider before making your final decision.

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