07 Feb 2022

Homes for Sale: Do New Windows Increase Resale Value?

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New windows do increase the resale value of a home. In fact, windows are one of the first things a buyer will notice about your home. New, modern, attractive windows add curb appeal, which prospective buyers will be attracted to and aspire to own. More importantly, new windows boost your home’s energy efficiency and thus reducing heating and cooling costs. Having low energy bills to show a prospective buyer can be a value-added advantage when selling a home.

Homes for Sale: Do New Windows Increase Resale Value?


If you have recently installed new energy star windows, you should already be getting a return on your investment. The return on investment from new windows can be seen in the savings on home energy bills. Then, if you add the costs of the windows to the sales price of your home, you are then sure to reap a profit on your investment given your energy bill savings.

However, if the new windows have only recently been installed, adding the cost to the sales price will recover the outlay costs and as a result, maximize the profit on the sale of your home. Keep in mind that there is little point in installing new energy-efficient windows for resale purposes without repairing any interior damage from previously leaky windows and window frames.

Window Options

Advances in window technology have improved many window styles’ durability and energy efficiency. Windows come in six traditional styles that now embrace those improvements. Each style of window has different uses to suit your home’s aesthetics and your various horizontal and vertical operational needs.

Awning Windows

Awning windows open at the top, at a vertical angle. This type of window is effective at reducing air leaks. Therefore, you will surely see reduced energy costs after installing awning windows.

Casement Windows

The hinges of casement windows are located on the side and open at a horizontal angle. Casement windows are also good for reducing air leaks and will increase your home’s value.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows have hinges at the bottom and open inwards rather than outwards. This window style is a common bathroom and basement window.

Fixed Windows

Although fixed windows don’t open, they are good for letting natural light into your home. Fixed windows are most commonly found in living rooms where homeowners want a large viewing area.

Single-hung and Double-hung Windows

Single-hung and double-hung-style windows slide open vertically. Each has a sash to slide open. In the case of double-hung, both sashes open. However, single and double-hung windows are known for allowing air to leak.

Single-sliding and Double-sliding Windows

These windows’ sashes slide open vertically and are prone to air leakages similar to single and double-hung windows.

Egress Windows

In order to be considered a basement bedroom, the room must have egress windows. If you are planning to put a bedroom in your finished basement, you have to add an egress window to list it as such. Even if you are thinking about turning the space into an office, family room, or playroom, you still might want to consider adding an egress window. Learn more about egress windows and whether or not an egress window can add value to your home.

Frame Options

Frame technology and materials have also seen many advancements in recent years. Prices do vary widely, so make sure to do your research on each window frame option and the costs before making your final decision.

Metal and Aluminum Frames

Both metal and aluminum frames are lightweight and strong. In fact, metal and aluminum frames do a great job of insulating your home and are low-maintenance window frame options. These types of window frames are budget-friendly.

Composite Frames

Composite frames consist of different materials such as plastic blended together with wood. This results in frames that are rot and moisture resistant. Composite frames are great for increasing the insulation of your home.

Fiberglass Frames

Although fiberglass frames are costlier than other frames, they are energy efficient and durable. They are also designed to be resistant to weather and temperature changes.

Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames help with the reduction of condensation and are energy-efficient and strong. This window frame option falls in the middle of the price range. The downside of vinyl frames is that they are not as durable as wood, fiberglass, and aluminum frames.

Classic and Timeless Wooden Frames

In addition to having a great curb appeal, wooden frames remain one of the most energy-efficient window frames. They also bring a natural charm and beauty to your home. However, wooden frames come at a price and require ongoing maintenance to guard against decay, rot, and moisture damage.

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