28 Dec 2020

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades To Make In 2021

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

We build and upgrade our homes with the same elements in mind as we did 100 or more years ago. While approaches to home design and what’s trendy changes every year, we still think of energy efficiency as one of the most important things. In ancient times and a few decades back, the best method we had was building our houses in the direction of the sun. Now, we have things like smart houses and solar panels. Making energy efficient home upgrades has also become more important over time. Conditions around homes have changed – and owners might want to make certain upgrades and adaptations to improve what it feels like on the inside.

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades To Make In 2021

Want to make sure that your home is more energy efficient in 2021? Here are suggestions for the top energy-efficient home upgrades to make in 2021, even if you’re running on a budget.

1. Replace Old Appliances

The first recommendation for homes switching to energy efficiency in 2021 is a move to replace old appliances in the home. When older appliances were put together, different technologies were available to do it – and older technology almost never matches up for energy-efficient use.

The older your appliances are, the more energy they’re likely to draw from the main supply of your house. This means higher electricity bills. Fridges, microwaves, dryers, and other large power-consumers should be replaced with more energy efficient ones (Energy Star Most Efficient 2020). Power consumption can be cut by more than a third in the average household just with this step.

2. Switch To Solar

Natural resources are worth energy. It’s a shame for any homeowner who isn’t using them. There’s likely to be access to rich natural resources in your area. For many people, this is plenty of sunlight. If it describes your area, then consider making a switch to solar power for your energy-efficient upgrades in 2021.

Solar doesn’t have to be used to run everything. Just a couple of crucial elements in the house can be moved to reliance on a solar system – and you’ll already notice the difference. Once old appliances are on the way out, see what’s left and can be switched to solar. You’d be surprised at the change in your energy costs on your utility bill

3. Alternative Water Heating

If you’re one of the millions of people still relying on gas or electricity for water heater and home heating systems, that might describe part of the problem. Are you paying too much for something you could be doing through alternative means?

Water heating takes up a lot of energy, and there are multiple ways to do it easier and cheaper. Solar-powered water heating is just one possible option that can save you. After all, hot water does feel better when it is attached to energy savings.

4. Change To Smart Windows

Windows are one of the largest heat losses to be found in the average household. If you’re trying to be energy efficient, older windows and frames can lose heat when it needs to be warm (and bring in the cold when you’re hoping to warm the environment up).

Are your windows smart enough? Older houses and ones that haven’t had their windows replaced in more than five or ten years are automatic no. Replace the windows in your house with cost-effective, smart energy-efficient windows that lose less heat or cool air, and adapt to lighting or heat changes for maximum energy efficiency. It’s a small house upgrade but will make a huge difference to your house.

5. Consider Smart House Options

The idea of the smart house has become a lot more commonplace today. Smart houses give owners much more control over factors like temperature, which can be adjusted to suit your needs at the time. When factors are controlled through smart house management platforms, houses are automatically able to operate as more energy efficient.

Setting up a smart house doesn’t have to be an expensive feat. The difference it can make to overall energy efficiency is worth it.

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