12 Aug 2019

Exterior Entry Door Types

exterior entry door types Omaha

So, you’re wondering what type of front door material is the perfect choice for your Omaha home. You’re not alone. The number of exterior entry door types and styles leaves much to your personal taste, but you can narrow down the material choices for exterior doors into six main categories:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl

Exterior Entry Door Types For Your Omaha Home

Along with the material of your entry door, you can customize it with different hardware and decorative glass options to create the door of your dreams. Between glass, handles, locks, kick-plates, and more, your entry door can be beautifully crafted to how you desire.

Solid Wood Exterior Entry Door Types

The standard exterior door material, solid wood, is still the most popular. It may be flush, paneled, and with or without glass. The most common materials for solid wood doors are

  • Oak
  • Fir
  • Pine
  • Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Maple

Solid wood doors are exactly that—solid wood without a surface veneer. Called slabs, they are made with vertical stiles that extend the full length of the door on each side and horizontal rails at the top and bottom. Depending on the door design, there may be one or more rails across the center part of the door. Panels are framed within the rails and stiles. Flush doors are also made with rails and stiles, but a surface veneer covers them.

The downside to using wood doors is that the wood can sag, warp, and peel over time, especially when repeatedly subjected to the elements. That’s why wood is best suited for covered areas or in conjunction with a storm door. Weatherstripping can also help with insulation and durability. Wood doors will require periodic maintenance in the form of repainting or refinishing.

A solid-core, wood-veneer door is a less expensive alternative to solid wood. A solid-core door is less prone to warping and ups the insulation value of the door. Like any type of wood door, thicker panels, stiles, and rails are best for strength and durability.

Steel Exterior Entry Door Types in Omaha

If you’re looking to save money, a steel door is a great choice, especially if you have the skills to hang it yourself. Steel offers the strongest barrier against intruders, although its advantage over fiberglass and wood in this area is slight.

Still, the attractive cost of a steel door comes with an important compromise: It probably won’t last as long. A steel door exposed to salt air or heavy rains may last only five to seven years. Despite steel’s reputation for toughness, it actually didn’t perform well in “Consumer Reports” testing against wood and fiberglass for normal wear and tear.

With heavy use, it may dent, and the damage can be difficult and expensive to repair. If your door will be heavily exposed to traffic or the elements, you may be better off choosing a different material.

Fiberglass Exterior Entry Door Types

Because these doors are resistant to warping and bowing, they are an ideal choice for humid parts of the country. The fiberglass exterior sheathing is resistant to impact damage and is more maintenance-free than many other door types because it is less prone to warping. Fiberglass doors are normally made with hardwood stiles and rails that support handles and locksets. The framework voids are filled with insulation.

The doors come in a variety of styles, both flush and paneled. Fiberglass doors are available with a faux wood grain finish that can be painted or stained to resemble oak, cherry, walnut, or other wood of your choice. As with any painted material, a fiberglass door will require periodic cleaning and repainting, depending on how much weathering it undergoes. Homeowners can also choose from a variety of factory-finish colors.

Glass Exterior Entry Doors

You may choose the option of a solid glass front door for your home’s entry. Glass exterior doors can have a number of pros — perhaps most notably the view you will have from indoors and the amount of natural light they allow into your space. On the flip side, these can also be seen as cons depending on your personal preferences; along with the natural light that streams inside, you may also be bringing in cold air at the cracks of the door and the view of the outdoors that you enjoy may also give neighbors a peek at what’s going on inside the home.

If these factors concern you, choose a wood, fiberglass, or steel door that has the option to install glass sidelights or transoms. You could also pair a glass exterior door on the front of your home with one of these three other options for the best of both worlds.

Aluminum Doors

In terms of durability, strength, and energy efficiency, aluminum doors are similar to steel and fiberglass doors. They are very low maintenance, with wood-grain or smooth finishes that won’t chip or rust. Aluminum is most often used for storm doors and patio door frames.

Vinyl Exterior Doors

Vinyl is often used for patio door frames, and it is typically the lowest-priced frame option. It is energy efficient and requires little maintenance. However, you will have fewer color and style options than frames made of other materials.

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