07 Oct 2022

Fall Decor Ideas for Your Windows

Fall Decor Ideas for Your Windows

Spring is the perfect time of year for cleaning, but it’s not the only season that is great to pretty up your house. Fall is here, and it’s a prime excuse to change a few things around the home just to spruce things up and get everyone into some pre-holiday spirit. Keep reading for some of the best fall decor ideas for your windows.

Fall Decor Ideas for Your Windows

1. Window Decorations

Standard windows are no fun. If you have a bit of freedom to decorate your home in the fall, begin with some simple fall window decorations.

Amazon (or your local hardware store) should sell window decorations in the form of stickers, attachables, and even lights that are easy to install – and just as easy to remove when you’d like to change them or relocate.

If you want to brighten up the outside of the home, adding window decorations is one of the easiest ways.

2. Window Film

If you can’t find the best standard decorations to fit the outside of your home, you could try adding window film. Window film is easy to stick to any window with a simple peel-away design. Installing window film is super easy and a fun project to take on with your kids.

Window film and quirky, fun window stickers are available via Amazon or most local hardware stores. Printing companies can even help you to create your own custom graphics on a budget.

3. Window Frosting

Window frosting can be a great decorative solution. While it’s something that most people are only familiar with during holidays like Easter or Christmas, window frosting can be found in almost any color you can think of. Therefore, window frosting can add a fun and festive touch to any season of the year.

The use of window frosting can mean that you need to call the creative ones in the family. Some drawing skills are required, or you can use stencil art to make the creation of frosted window art a whole lot easier.

4. Window Screens

Window screens are a fantastic way to block off some light from the outside. Oftentimes window screens are necessary during the fall when overcast weather intensifies the UV rays.

While most people think of window screens and blinds as functional more than decorative, don’t forget that they can also change the appearance of windows to something more comfortable and homely.

Remember to measure your windows before you order any window screens. Compensate for at least a few inches so that the sides are properly covered!

5. Hanging Decorations

Baubles and glass balls are another great seasonal decoration that isn’t just meant for Christmas time. In fact, they can be just as great for autumn decorating. If you want to save yourself some time and effort when you decorate, dig for some Halloween decorations that match the orange tone of what fall has in store. Baubles are fun to pair with a fall wreath or anything else that fits with the season in the window as a display!

Fun autumn window displays aren’t just for storefronts. Join in on the fun and add some fun outdoor fall decorations to your windows.

6. Glitter Glue

If you’re lost for home decor ideas in the fall and want to do something cool, there are some types of glitter glue that can adhere to your windows for a fun, glittery design. Most types of glitter glue can be just as easy to remove if you change your mind about the final design.

There’s more good news if you choose glitter glue for your fall decoration. Glitter glue is cheaper than most of the other fall window decor options on this list.

7. Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers can be simple or complicated, and large or small. Have one, have a hundred: it doesn’t matter. Whatever design you decide to include is sure to look great with all of the other outdoor decorations and glass window decorations you incorporate.

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