03 Feb 2020

Fiberglass vs Home Steel Doors

fiberglass vs home steel doors

Doors are an important part of putting a home together. For example, you might be in the process of renovating your home and deciding on a new door. On the other hand, you might be in the process of building it and exploring door options. In addition, you might even have purchased a property and decided to change a few things. To clarify, you want to turn it into a home you’re comfortable living in with a secure and pleasing entry way. That means choosing between materials like fiberglass vs steel doors.

Fiberglass vs Home Steel Doors

When it comes to doors, there are a few options available. For example, wood has been a traditional option. However, there are others for non-traditionalists or people who crave either modernism or strength for their next door design. Fiberglass vs home steel doors present two alternatives to the usual traditional wooden doors. Old or new, wood is what you would find in most homes.

Here’s how to decide between steel or fiberglass as a switch-over for the doors in your home. In the same vein, comparing by essential factors like construction, weight, cost, quality and durability over the long haul.


Fibreglass and steel doors are usually both constructed well, although you should weigh up the individual merits of each different door before deciding, because not all doors are made the same – and some manufacturers might cut corners.

If you’re buying only for the construction of the door, metal means the door is safer from brute force, whereas fiberglass doors protect against weather (but might not be as great against brute force).


The weight of a steel door usually outranks that of a fiberglass equivalent of the same size, but sometimes this is the whole point and it might be preferable if you want a door with a heavier, more robust feel. Whether it’s an inside or outside door might also have a lot to do with the weight you want for your chosen door option.


Steel doors end up costing more than comparative fiberglass models, but this might be worth paying if you’ve already decided on steel construction: Fiberglass can be cheaper, and might be suited for many people as a result. It’s up to you to decide how much your door (and the security of what’s behind it) is worth.

There are great fiberglass models, but there are also ones that might seem “too cheap” and they usually are. Don’t rely on these super-cheap doors for decent security.


When it comes to quality, don’t compare fiberglass and steel doors. For this factor, you should be comparing individual manufacturers with one another instead. Some manufacturers are consistently known for quality doors on the market – and these are the manufacturers you should look at first. Those that are known for cutting corners will almost certainly


Durability is an important factor if you’re installing new doors. Nobody wants to do the same thing every five years because the door they bought first didn’t match up – so buy quality when you can afford it.

Steel doors are made to last for the long-term, especially against brute force, but the truth is that modern-made fiberglass doors can be just as good (and last just as long) as anything compared to it.

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