18 May 2022

How Long Does Window Replacement Take?

How Long Does Window Replacement Take in Omaha?

This question can be divided into two categories. The actual replacement of the window and the ordering of the glass. Here is a breakdown of how long window replacement will take in Omaha, so you can plan your home window replacement project accordingly.

How Long Does Window Replacement Take in Omaha?

Window Installation Process: Start to Finish

After signing a professional installation contract with a local window company, the window installer will measure the window openings and make sure the right measurements go to the window manufacturers. The finished product will be delivered to your contractor approximately a month after placing the order.

The next step is to decide on a window installation date. Your window installation contractor will then come to your house to remove the old windows and replace them with new, custom-fit windows. It will take around 40 to 60 minutes to replace one window. Most installation companies can install between 10 and 15 windows per day.

Factors That Could Affect the Timeframe for Installing Windows

The following factors will determine how long it takes to install new windows.

Time of Year

The season will influence how long it will take to install replacement windows. Summer is a very busy time for window contractors, so expect to pay slightly more for window installation during this time.

Fall is a great time to replace your windows, however, prepare yourself for a few rainy days.

Installing new windows in the winter can save you quite a bit of money. A window installation team will be able to install the windows if the temperatures are above 37 Fahrenheit.

Spring is the best time to install new windows in your home. The weather during the spring months helps make the window installation process run smoothly.


The brand of windows you choose can impact the time your window project will take. If you live in a big city, then you are often able to choose from a few different manufacturers. Their close proximity means the window/s won’t need to be delivered by truck from out of state.

How to Limit New Window Installation Delays

Make A Clear Path

Move any heavy furniture away from the windows and make some elbow room for the installer. This will help to prevent drops and breakages. Also, remove tree branches or bushes outside the windows that need replacing. This will help create easy access to windows.

Don’t Lock the Doors

Installers need to work both inside and outside during window installations. Keeping the doors unlocked will allow workers to continue working even if you need to step out for a minute.

Remove Paintings and Decorations

Take all paintings and decorations off the wall close to the windows you are replacing, as they can potentially get knocked off by accident.

Lay Drop Cloths

Before the workers’ arrival, lay down drop cloths to protect carpets from workers moving in and out of the home. Usually, installers bring their own drop cloths for the project area, but a few extra in passages won’t hurt.

Remove Curtains, Blinds, and Security Sensors

Don’t make the installer remove curtains and blinds and waste installation time. Also, remove security sensors and make sure alarms are off before the start of the installation.

Before Hiring a Window Installation Company

Ask yourself how dependable the window replacement company is and try to get referrals. Is the local window company trustworthy? Do they stay in contact during the whole process of installation? How many windows are being installed and how big are they? What material are the window frames made of, and do they need to be primed, sanded, or painted? Asking yourself these questions before starting the project might just make the new window installation a bit less stressful.

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