05 Apr 2022

How to Prioritize Home Upgrades: Windows, Doors & Roofs

How to Prioritize Home Upgrades: Windows, Doors & Roofs

Home upgrades can be one of the most difficult things to get a handle on in the average household. A house is rarely perfect when you first buy it, and most houses could use a few upgrades five or ten years into living there.

How to Prioritize Home Upgrades: Windows, Doors & Roofs

When you set out to do any home upgrades, choose what you will need to do first. The top reason people postpone their home upgrades is because they aren’t sure where to start.

Which upgrades should you put first, versus which ones can wait a while?

Here’s your guide on how to prioritize home upgrades (including windows, doors, and roofs).

1. Assess Your Home

The first step to the right home repair or upgrade approach is to assess your home. If you lease your property, you might have to get written permission from your landlord before you do any serious modifications or upgrades.

The assessment phase is where you step back and take a closer look at the place. Most people, whether it has been days or weeks in their house, have an idea of where the real issues are. Everyone has at least a couple of home issues they have been postponing. This is worth a moment’s thought as you start the process.

2. Look for Signs of Wear

Signs of light wear mean that repairs like windows, frames, or the roof can wait at least a few weeks to months longer. However, serious signs of wear and tear are a different story for the home.

Examine your house, and make a list of signs of wear from least to worst. The worst issues are where you should start. The things that get in the way of every day (or things that affect the structure of your home) should be upgraded or repaired first.

3. What Needs Immediate Repairs?

The things that cause discomfort or potential damage should always be put at the top of the priority list for home renovation projects. These are the things that, if they are not repaired now, will just cause more damage to your house (or generally just get in your way).

Other types of upgrades or repairs, like the installation of shutters on the windows, can sometimes wait when the most urgent issues have been fixed.

4. What Delays Could Cause Damage?

Three examples of things that need quick repair are:

  • Leaking Roofs
  • Damaged Windows
  • Outside Doors

These inevitable issues are signs of wear for most houses. It can happen when you first lease or buy and move in (or a sign of wear that has happened while you live there).

These issues are more urgent because they can cause more damage if they are not fixed fast.

5. What Upgrades Can Wait?

There are some home upgrades that can sometimes wait if they are not as urgent as the rest. As most homeowners and renters know what the most urgent issues are (such as a leaking roof), they can also generally establish what the less urgent home upgrades are.

Sometimes, budget forces you to put the different home repairs in priority from least to most important. Cosmetic home issues that don’t get in the way of your space can wait. If your windows are broken, fix them immediately. On the other hand, if your windows simply need a switch from regular glass to UV protective material, it’s a type of repair for the house that can wait longer.

6. Making a List (Checking It Twice)

When it’s time for home repairs, even experts know to start with a list. Lists help you to keep your thoughts organized, and your budget in check.

Mark out your total budget, and then the estimated cost of each thing you want to upgrade or repair in the home. This can take some time, as you might also want to know if any of the repairs can be done at a cheaper rate. Always shop around!

The home upgrade list should keep high-priority repairs such as broken windows at the top, and lower priority repairs at the bottom. Allocate the largest portion of the budget to the top repairs, and save up for the rest as you go along.


Home upgrades never have to be difficult, and they don’t have to seem like a process that never ends. The most important bit is to know where to start!


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