15 Nov 2022

Is It Normal to Feel Cold Near a Window?

feel cold near a window

When the cold weather arrives or the season is about to change, one of the first places where you will notice the fall in temperature is within the home. Weather can sometimes drastically change the temperature in the home, and this is where most people start to increase their heating bills. Is it normal to feel cold near a window, or are there ways to warm up the inside?

Is It Normal to Feel Cold Near a Window?

This post will give you insight into all you need to know about how windows can affect your home temperature.

The Short Answer

The shortest answer is yes: feeling colder near a window is normal.

Cold air can be let in through several places in your home. For example, small gaps in window frames and doors are the two most common places.

What Causes You to Feel Cold Near a Window?

Believe it or not, there’s a longer answer to the question with some more detail to it.

Feeling cold near windows and doors is normal, especially if the temperature outside is drastically lower than the inside temperature. However, sometimes homeowners might notice a small draft if they’re sitting right by a window.

Uncovered windows and windows with blinds are typically colder than windows with closed, heavy curtains.

Feel the Glass First

If you want to know the answer in practical terms, just go up to a window and touch the face of the glass from the inside.

Glass, what most windows are made from, tends to hold cold – and it’s quick to adapt to the surrounding air temperature. The scientific reason why is due to the components of glass, silica, and sand.

If the glass is extremely cold, or if you have drafty windows, then you have a problem.

Too Cold Is a Sign… Of Improper Insulation!

Although it is normal for windows to be cold to the touch when temperatures drop, it can become a problem when your windows feel like ice – and when they are causing the warm air in your home to escape.

If you feel a cold breeze near a window, there’s a gap in the window or frame – obviously, it shouldn’t be there.

Improper insulation or gaps in the frame can result in higher energy bills year-round. This is common in homes that have not had the frames properly repaired or replaced in a while.

Windows Can Be Responsible for Energy Loss

Cold windows can be responsible for large amounts of energy and heat loss, especially when temperatures drop during the winter months. If you have traditional glass windows, then your windows can be directly responsible for higher energy bills and cold air inside your home.

When there’s heat loss in a home, there’s usually an increase in the amount of energy needed to warm up the house. For every heater or appliance you’re running to warm up your home, it costs you a little more – and little bits can add up to a huge heating bill.

Reseal or replace your windows to make your home more energy efficient.

Can Curtains Help?

It doesn’t always take expensive repairs or replacements to reduce heat transfer in your home. Insulated curtains, made from a heavier material, can be a cheaper way to stop your house from losing warm air during cold weather months.

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