30 Jul 2019

Omaha Roof Insurance Claim Denied

Omaha Roof Insurance Claim Denied | America's Best Choice Omaha

If you have had your Omaha roof insurance claim denied, you need to know the options you still have available. Having a home insurance claim denied can be devastating, so you should look to challenge the decision in any way you can by:

  • reading your policy
  • understanding the reason for the company’s decision
  • working with an experienced attorney to get the money that you deserve

What to do if your Omaha roof insurance claim is denied?

Property insurance is supposed to help relieve the financial burden after a catastrophic event, which is why receiving a notice that a property damage claim has been denied or is being underpaid can be so devastating. If your valid claim has been denied or is being underpaid, you still have options.

Review the Policy

You probably did not go through your homeowner’s policy in detail before filing a claim, but you certainly should have. It is important that you fully understand the coverage.

Typical reasons for denial, aside from failure to pay the policy premiums, are:

  • causes (perils) that are not covered
  • not taking sufficient preventative measures
  • insufficient documentation of the damage

It is best to think like an adjuster looking for a reason to deny your claim, and fill out your claim addressing all of those potential questions. Give the policy another review so you can adequately address the reason for denial. If your copy of the policy was destroyed in the event, you can get a copy from your insurance company.

Understand why your Omaha roof insurance claim was denied

You should receive a formal, written letter from your insurance company that states the exact reason your Omaha roof insurance claim denial. Don’t be afraid to contact your insurance company if you don’t understand why your claim was denied or if the reasons they provide are unclear or ambiguous.

Document everything

In many cases, a denied or underpaid claim may be due to a lack of documentation. For example, if wind destroyed your roof the documentation may not show the extent or cost of the damage to the insurance company’s satisfaction. If your claim has been denied or underpaid, review all the documentation you have including dates, times, photos and steps you’ve taken to protect your property.

File an appeal

You can file an appeal directly with your insurance company and ask them to review your claim again. Be sure to do so within the appeals timeline and include a written explanation all of the evidence and documentation you have gathered to support your claim.

Request a second inspection 

If you disagree with your insurance company’s assessment of your property and the extent of the damages, you can request a second inspection. In most cases, this will be done by a separate adjuster. You can also request an independent appraisal.

Seek Further Action if Necessary

You can ask to speak to superiors within the insurance company or file a complaint with the regulatory agency in your state (typically an Insurance Commission). If nothing else works, you can seek an attorney with experience in homeowner’s claims and determine whether you have a case. Keep in mind the value of the loss if you go down this path and whether the loss is worth the time and legal fees to continue.

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