21 May 2019

Ensure You Pass A Home Inspection

Ensure You Pass A Home Inspection Omaha Nebraska

A home inspection may sound a bit scary, but it is something that it is necessary before a house can be sold. When it comes to a home inspection there are some tips and tricks that can ensure that you will pass. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you pass a home inspection.

What you should do to Ensure you Pass a Home Inspection in Omaha


When it comes to a home inspection it is important to know that no matter what is wrong with your home, the inspector is going to find it. If you know that there are some issues with the home, just tell the inspector that you are aware of them. If you lie and say that you do not know about them the buyer is going to view you as a dishonest seller. It is always best to just be honest up front.

Gutters, Roof, Windows and Foundation

When it comes to home improvement the foundation and roof can kill your budget. When it comes to a home inspection make sure that you check them both. If there is a leak in the roof, make sure to have it repaired. If there is anything wrong with the foundation you need to have it looked at before the inspection. In addition, it is important to make sure that everything drains properly. Poor drainage is the top problem found by home inspectors.

Make Sure Floors are Even

Sometimes the smallest crack can cause your floors to be uneven. Try rolling a marble on the floor. If the marble stays it is level and if it moves it is uneven. Sometimes an uneven floor is the sign of a bigger foundation problem. However, it could just be the design of the home. Get an estimate on getting this fixed.

Take the time to do these things and make sure your home is clean and you should easily pass a home inspection.

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