20 Jun 2019

Window Types with Architectural Styles

Window Types with Architectural Styles bay windows Omaha

US is home to a variety of architectural styles. With large number of styles, large number of Omaha replacement window types are required. It’s always best to do your homework to find out what window type best complements the architectural style of your Omaha home.

That’s why we offer a full range of quality replacement windows in Omaha, Nebraska together with many decorative options. We want to make it easy to match your window types to your home’s existing design.

Here are some of the top window types that help accentuate today’s most popular Omaha home styles.

Ranch Style Homes | Casement, Sliding or Picture Window Replacements Omaha

Ranch style homes feature a single-story construction, wide open floor plans, and a simple design. If you’re planning on a window replacement for this kind of home, go for horizontally focused windows like casements, picture windows, or sliding windows.

Victorian Bay Windows Omaha

They’re known for an asymmetrical design featuring complex towers, elongated porches and scalloped shingles. Picking out windows for this design is rather tricky, but you can install bow, bay or circle bay windows Omaha to add just the right amount of drama to complement this ornate home design.

Contemporary Casement Windows Omaha

Contemporary style homes are typified by their clean lines, asymmetrical design, and sometimes multiple roof lines. Homes of this architectural style may take advantage of a skylight. Fixed, sliding, and casement windows work well with contemporary style homes as they provide a clean aesthetic and help maximize the view, complementing this style best.

Tudor Bay Window Replacement Omaha

This style’s distinctive features include an exposed timber spread with a stucco exterior. Most homes built in this architectural style likewise come with steeply pitched roofs with single or multiple front gables. As such, the replacement windows most suited for this home style are casement and bay windows Omaha.

Craftsman Double Hung Windows Omaha

Craftsman homes have open floor plans, gabled roofs and exposed beams, and natural colors and indigenous materials. Double hung windows will also look great with this style, particularly if they come in white.

Farmhouse & Modern style homes Sliding Windows Omaha

have simple roof lines, large porches, and tall narrow double-hung windows. Modern style homes have flat or low slope roofs, a utilitarian design, and horizontal windows. Casement, picture windows, and sliding windows look great with modern homes.

Colonial style Double Hung Window Replacement Omaha

These types of homes are mostly found in northeastern states where homes are a classic American design that has been very popular among homeowners since 1600s. Colonial houses have a rectangular shape, symmetry, a pitched roof, and a shuttered double hung window.

Choosing The Right Window Replacement in Omaha, Nebraska

Every home comes with an architectural design that makes them unique and choosing windows that match its design aesthetic will surely help improve its overall look. Whether you have a home with a modern design that features floor-to-ceiling windows or a more traditional one with a classic casement window, be sure to look to your home’s architectural style for guidance.

Your windows should work with, not against, your home’s overall architectural design. Need help restyling your home’s exteriors? Turn to the experts at America’s Best Choice Windows & More for a FREE consultation and the best prices.

America’s Best Choice Omaha, NE Best Window Replacement in Omaha, NE

We pride ourselves on hiring only the most knowledgeable and experienced installers in the industry. We know how important this investment is to a homeowner and we want to educate you on every aspect you should consider before making your final decision.

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