27 Mar 2020

What To Know If You’re Thinking Of Getting Siding This Summer

Siding This Summer

Siding is the outward-facing cladding that is found on the exterior of many Omaha houses. This is often made from vinyl and is usually white in color (though it can vary). It also tends to take on a horizontal configuration and may overlap. It is usually held in place by vertical strips found in the corners, edges, and around the windows. So why get siding this summer for your Omaha home?

What to know if you’re thinking of getting siding this summer

What do you need to know about siding in order to get the most from it?

Benefits of Siding

There are many benefits to getting siding this summer. The first is that siding can be used to protect the exterior of your property from the weather.  At the same time, it provided an added layer of additional insulation.

When it is cold or windy, this can cause the exterior of the walls to become colder. Your heating then needs to heat those walls back up, which means some of your energy is being wasted. If you don’t manage to keep the walls warm, then they can eventually fall to “dew point temperature,” at which point it becomes extremely difficult to heat them back up.

Changes in temperature between the inside and outside of your walls can also lead to other issues. For example, expansion and contraction cause small cracks, That might lead to mold or even leaks, like the formation of condensation!

Getting siding this summer can, therefore, help your property to last longer in the following winter. As a result, it makes sense to get the installation handled in summer in order to ensure that it is ready for next winter. You don’t get an installation at the time you want it in place! Siding will actually create an insulating layer of air between the walls and the siding itself.

And there are benefits in summer too. For instance, this can help to keep your property cooler by preventing the walls from being doused in sunlight.

This also helps to prevent the paint on your walls from fading, seeing as they will be hidden beneath the siding. This brings us to the other big reason to get siding. It transforms the look of your property instantly! If you want to change the appearance to something more summery, or if you want to give it a new color scheme, then siding will do that.

What You Need to Know

Before you go ahead, what do you need to know about siding? Firstly, siding SHOULD be an investment. You won’t be able to sell your property for more (estimates suggest the siding will increase the value of your home by 78.2% of the project’s cost), however, you should find that you save enough money on heating and cooling to recoup that cost.

It’s also worth noting that siding is more expensive than painting. Therefore, if your main objective is to alter the appearance of your property, painting should be the first option. Siding will typically cost somewhere between $3 to $11 per square foot, depending on the quality and the installation.

If you already have siding, then there may not be any need to remove that prior to getting the new installation. It is very important to ensure you get proper insulation for your siding. If the siding is nailed on too tightly, it can expand, bulge, or warp. There should be room for this to expand and contract, just like a wooden floor. Look for a contractor who offers a good warranty.
Finally, think carefully about the type of siding you want. Vinyl siding is the most common in the US, but it is not your only option!

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