26 Apr 2021

Soffit vs. Fascia

Soffit and fascia

Every feature of your house plays a certain role. However, most people notice the biggest features of your house. These home features include the roof and windows since they are distinct features of your home’s exterior. As a result, they can be very noticeable to anyone who views them from a far distance. The soffit and fascia features are as equally important as the windows and door features of a house. You may ask “What is a soffit? What is a fascia? What are their functions in your house?”, try to stay comfy as we discuss!

Soffit vs. Fascia

What is a soffit?

A soffit is a siding that is exposed underneath the roof’s overhang. It can only be seen when you are viewing the house from a closer perspective or at street level. They usually have the same design and color as your home’s siding but they may differ according to your taste or preference. Soffits can be made from three different materials – wood, aluminum, or vinyl. It is important to know what type of material is suitable for your house. Be sure to thoroughly observe your house in order to know what kind of material is perfect for your soffit. Also, a soffit can be ventilated to allow airflow into the roof and attic of a house.

What is Fascia?

The fascia is the part that joins your home’s soffit to the roof. Its appearance is a long, straight board. The fascia supports the lower edge and the bottom row of roof tiles in your house. It is easily visible from any side of your house, especially at the roof overhang. The fascia is also the place where you will usually see the gutter or spillway. Since it is more visible than a soffit, it needs to be in a good shape so that it does not affect the curb appeal of a house. It can also be made from materials such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Vinyl is the most recommended one among the three materials.

The Importance of a Soffit

While most people know why windows, siding, and doors are important, they might not realize that soffit and fascia are equally as important. Soffits are important because they can function as ventilation. This helps keep a steady airflow between the roof and attic of your house. An attic needs to be well ventilated because if air does not circulate around the attic, it can cause moisture. In turn, this can be a factor in mold build-up around the attic and the whole house. This is not great news for you, the homeowner. Another thing that a soffit can help with is keeping small animals and insects out of your home. It is important that you keep your soffit maintained and in good shape by making sure that there are no holes and cracks around it.

The Importance of a Fascia

A house’s fascia is usually a straight board that is aligned to the lower edge of the roof and it serves as the line of support for the bottom of your roof. This is where you will see the gutter on a house. The fascia is known to support and hold the gutter up during extreme downpours in rainy seasons or during storms. Fascia is more visible than the soffit, meaning that fascia plays a huge role in the look of your house. If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, think about maintaining your fascia to keep it in a good condition. You will soon realize how great of an impact it will have on your house.

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