07 Jun 2022

What are the Most Affordable Home Windows?

affordable home windows

If eyes are the windows to your soul, then windows are the soul to your house. Windows are one of the most important elements of a comfortable home. However, most people don’t realize the difference windows can make until they have to make a choice between the different window types. Different types of windows can influence the appearance of the home’s outside, as well as the amount of light on the inside. When it’s time to replace windows for emergency or aesthetic reasons, cost also matters. The big question should be this: what are the most affordable home windows?

Here’s what to know about choosing an affordable window replacement material.

What are the Most Affordable Home Windows?

Why Window Choice Matters

Windows are one of the most important factors you can change in a home or office environment. If you choose the right windows, the right amount of light will enter the room. The right windows can also add strength to the frame in the event of a storm or any other window accident.

Windows will have to be replaced at least a few times during the lifespan of the house. Age, quality and shattered or cracked windows can be the reason behind replacement. A quality window replacement has to match your needs, but it also has to match your budget at the same time.

Need window replacement?

You have a few options available to you when it’s time to replace windows in your home. If you hire a local window company to install replacement windows, be sure to ask them about:

  • Single Pane Glass Windows
  • Double Pane Glass Windows
  • UV Protective Windows
  • Storm Protection Windows
  • Specialized Reinforced Windows

Single Pane Glass Windows

Single pane glass windows are certainly one of the most popular home window options. Glass is easily accessible and affordable for most of the things that you’d like to use it for – including glass cut to size for any window in the house.

Older glass can fade, crack and shatter. If you have a home with older windows, replace them with new and flawless glass sooner rather than later.

Although they are cheaper than other types of windows, single pane glass windows do not afford much protection against cracks or impact.

Double Pane Glass Windows

Double pane glass windows are a step up from single-pane windows. In fact, double pane glass windows have many of the same advantages that you’ll have with single pane glass windows. Double pane glass windows are predictably more expensive than the first option, but their advantage is worth their higher cost.

The advantages of double pane glass windows include enhanced strength and better access to natural light.

In the event of an impact or crack in the window, two layers afford more protection and guarantee a stronger window. It’s more likely that a double pane glass window would remain in place – and impact is much, much less likely to result in injuries related to shattering glass or debris. Lastly, double pane glass windows are more energy-efficient windows than single pane glass windows.

UV Protective Windows

If you are more light-sensitive than the average person or glass doesn’t do the lighting in your environment enough justice, photosensitive glass windows are an excellent choice. However, you should expect to pay more for photosensitive windows than single or double pane glass.

UV protective windows are generally reinforced and stronger than glass, and some pricier window types can adjust as the light changes throughout the day.

Storm Protection Windows

If you live in an area such as the Midwest that is prone to heavy storms or regular tornadoes, storm protection windows (also known as reinforced windows) are a better choice than glass. While reinforced windows are the most expensive option, they can result in less damage even if there are heavy storms or hard impacts.

Additional Reading: Window Types and Technologies – Energy.gov

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