27 Jun 2022

What Does Home Insurance Cover in a Storm?

What Does Home Insurance Cover in a Storm?

Home insurance is important for any homeowner to be covered financially in case of an event where there has been damage to their property that is out of their control. Storms are one of the major contributing events which damage people’s homes. Storms are unpredictable, which is why it is important that your home is covered by home insurance. It is equally as important to carefully read through your home insurance policy in order to have a better understanding of what type of storm damage is covered should such an event occur. Insurance companies generally provide very specific information regarding what they cover in different situations, and how they would help recover or fix any loss or damage to the property.

What Does Home Insurance Cover in a Storm?

In the event of a storm, homeowners insurance covers the following three main areas. One area is damage caused by water and ice. Another area is damage caused by lightning strikes and power surges. Lastly, homeowners insurance coverage also extends to damage from wind, hail, and fallen trees.

Damage Caused By Ice and Water

Depending on the affected area, water can be dangerous because of the damage it causes. Flood damage can occur from the rain in a thunderstorm or from snow covering the roof. In cold, winter months, water damage may even occur from a frozen pipe that has burst. If left untreated, water can cause areas of your home to rot which can pose health risks to the occupants.

The good news is that home insurance will cover costs to repair water damage depending on the cause at the time of the storm. However, your home insurance policy will state up to what amount the water damage will be covered should you file a claim.

Damage from Lightning Strikes and Power Surges

When lightning strikes a home it can result in fire and/or smoke. Most of the time, damage from a lightning strike will mainly affect the exterior of the home. However, in some cases where lightning strikes a tree, the tree may collapse and cause further damage to any boundary walls or other structures around the home.

Some homeowners insurance policies may also include any damage caused by a lightning strike that results in a power outage or power surge. Power surges and power outages can affect home appliances and other electronics that are plugged into a power circuit in the home. Should you file a claim after a power surge or outage, your homeowner’s insurance policy will state coverage limitations.

Damage Caused By Hail and Wind

Extreme storms will come with strong winds and in some cases even large hail. Large hail coupled with strong winds can cause major damage to the exterior of your home and cause broken windows or a damaged roof. In fact, some storms have such strong winds that they could uproot a tree, causing the tree to fall on the property and cause major damage. Home insurance will cover hail and wind damage to your home up to the specified limit in the policy.

Know Your Policy

Not all home insurance policies are the same, as different companies will have different offerings. That is why it is important to read through your home insurance policy. Reading through the policy will give you a better understanding of what isn’t or is covered, and for how much. A home insurance policy will always state clearly what is covered. This will help you have peace of mind should a storm cause damage to your home.

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