31 Oct 2022

Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters

Replacement Window Installation

Homeowners may decide to install new windows for many reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons to install new windows is to make your home more energy-efficient. You may also choose to install new windows because your existing windows are leaky, drafty, rotten, or simply broken. Updating your exterior and eliminating security concerns are two further excellent reasons to contact a local window company and enquire about new window installation. Replacement window installation is a significant investment, hire an experienced window replacement company in your area to guarantee your new windows are installed correctly!

Why Proper Replacement Window Installation Matters

Installing a replacement window yourself isn’t that hard, but you should never attempt to DIY window installation unless you have years of experience.

Incorrect Replacement Window Installation Can Lead to a Disaster

An improperly-installed replacement window immediately starts causing problems that won’t go away. Some of the most common issues with poor window installation include:

  • Gaps — Failing to measure your old window correctly means the new window may be smaller. This mishap can result in obvious gaps between the sill and the window frame. Not only do these gaps look unsightly, but they may even invite burglars.
  • Drafts — Gaps also lead to noticeable drafts. Drafty windows aren’t just unpleasant; they can also lead to health problems and astronomically-high energy bills.
  • Condensation — Improperly installed windows create a situation where condensation can build up between the two panes used in double glazing. This problem is impossible to remedy and will surely frustrate you every time you look out the window.
  • Non-functional windows are the worst outcome. Your replacement window can’t serve its purpose of protecting you from the weather and intruders if the window won’t close properly after installation.

You’ll find plenty of guides that show you how to install replacement windows online. However, unless you are an experienced DIY home improvement and window installation professional, you may be asking for disaster.

Hire a local window replacement company to save money and rest assured the job is done right.

What Do You Need to Do To Install a Replacement Window Correctly?

“Measure twice, cut once” is sage advice when it comes to replacement window installation. Preparation is half the work. An experienced replacement window installer will:

  • Check and double-check the exact size of your old window before ordering a replacement window. Check again when your new window arrives.
  • Make sure the window is installed correctly. Your new window will need to be level. It should fit the frame precisely, without any gaps.
  • Seal the new window. New windows must be sealed after installation to make them watertight and secure.
  • Check local building codes. Before installing a new window, it is also important to be aware of building codes. This allows you to ensure that your new windows comply, saving you trouble down the line.
  • Test if the window was installed correctly. Window installation contractors aren’t finished with the job until they perform a quality control test. They should ensure that the window is installed correctly, that it is watertight, and that there is no draft.

Replacement window installation contractors should answer any questions you may have before they get to work and after they finish installing your replacement window. Look out for these steps, and you’ll know they’re doing a good job.

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