08 Sep 2020

Why You Should Replace All Your Home Windows At Once

Why You Should Replace All Your Home Windows At Once

When things start getting a little gusty around your living room, you know it’s time to seek replacement double glazing windows and uPVC doors. In the same vein, while we all enjoy the feeling of wind through our hair, it’s certainly an experience we prefer to save for sunny afternoons cruising in our convertibles or motorbikes. To clarify, drafts and cold air leaks have no place in the bedroom in the middle of the night! Replace all your home windows at once, instead of one-by-one, and take advantage of the many benefits from cost to convenience. Furthermore, you need to consider practicality, safety, energy efficiency, and health, all of which can be affected by bad double glazing.

Why You Should Replace All Your Home Windows At Once

But if you notice that you have cool air entering your home through your bedroom, you may actually find that it’s a good idea to replace the windows in your living room too. And everywhere else! In other words, don’t just change one window, change them all! Why is this good advice? Read on to find out more!

Why Changing Multiple Windows at Once is Cheaper

The first reason to change all your windows at once is simply that this tends to be more affordable. This is because the window installation company is already there in the first place. They already have all the equipment, and they can simply move over to the other window after they’ve finished the first one.

These companies charge based on how much time it takes them to do the job (they charge per hour, in other words). That also needs to take into account the time it takes them to set-up, to get everything in place, and even to drive to your premises.

Think of this as buying multiple items from an eCommerce store at once, so that they can all be sent in the same package. That’s much cheaper!

This is a useful way to save money then, and it simply makes good common sense! This becomes even more sensible if you can wait for the right time and get a good deal. Getting 10% off of 10 windows is a significantly larger saving than getting 10% off of just one!

Better Efficiency

Another thing to consider, is that by replacing all of your windows, you will actually get a far more efficient end product. How does this work?

Essentially, when you replace a window with a more efficient one, like vinyl windows, you remove the ability for the warm air to escape out from that route.

But now imagine that right opposite that window is another window that is letting out huge amounts of warm air! Suddenly, it doesn’t matter how well insulated that first window is. It’s still not going to prevent your home from getting very cool.
It’s like building a giant gate, but then not putting any walls on either side of it, and still expecting people not to escape!
Why go to all the trouble to replace just one window, if it won’t truly make a big difference in your energy bill in the long run?


Another consideration is the practicality of replacing all your windows at once. After all: this is a big upheaval that will result in a substantial disruption to your daily life. You may well wish to exit the premises, and you’ll certainly need to cancel any of your usual activities.

This can also incur significant extra cost for you, if it means you need to pay for somewhere to stay, or if it means that you need to take time off of work. Again: it makes more sense to simply do it all at once!

Getting the Best Windows

When picking replacement windows however it is not a simple matter of picking the first piece of fitted glass you can find – there are many different options and variations available which will make all the difference to the quality of your purchase and how effectively it does the job it’s designed for.

This means you’re likely to need a specific type of window, which in turn makes a strong case for acting quickly while there are enough of that window in stock. The danger is that you wait too long and then end up missing your opportunity to buy matching windows. If you buy them all at once, they will not only be the same style, but also have the same amount of wear and tear for a perfectly matched looked!

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