07 Oct 2019

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips Omaha

Winter is already on its way, bringing freezing rain and heavy snow onto lawns and streets across the country. Unfortunately, there’s no stopping the winter cold; the only thing you can do is prepare for it. And your roof needs your help to prepare for the beating it’s about to receive. Here are some Winter Roof Maintenance Tips.

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips in Omaha, Nebraska

Prepare your roof now, when the autumn weather is comfortably crisp and cool, allowing you or a professional roofer to inspect the shingles, gutters and flashing. Proper roof maintenance prior to the onslaught of the cold season is essential to protecting the interior of your home in the winter months, when the brisk outdoors is less than welcoming. You’ll be at ease knowing your roof is prepared for all the intense variances in freezing conditions that winter weather brings.

Inspect your roof twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. Prior to winter, an inspection will reduce the likelihood of freezing weather aggravating existing damage to your roof and causing additional destruction. Before summer, you will save your roof from leaks due to torrential downpours. Focusing on your roof now before winter sets in is key to prepping for the cold season.

Clearing Drains & Gutters

You will want to keep your gutters clear to maintain an effective drainage system for your home when the snow begins to melt. If there are any autumn leaves leftover in your gutters they can cause a clog and obstruct water to flow and drain off your roof and away from your house like it’s supposed to. Clearing drains and gutters will also help minimize ice damage.

Hire a Tree Trimmer

Remove the dead branches around your home. It is particularly important to address the trees with branches near your roof. Heavy snow falls or ice storms can break branches and damage the physical structure or your home.

Check Your Attic Ventilation

You might not realize it, but the performance of your attic is directly linked to the performance of your roof. Why? If your attic is poorly ventilated or insulated, it can expose your roof more directly to the winter elements, allowing problems like ice dams to form.

When performing your roof maintenance inspection, go inside and make sure your attic has sufficient insulation and has solid routes for ventilation. Keeping the airflow consistent is key to keeping your roof as protected as possible.

Inspect Your Roof

Avoid climbing on your roof during the winter months. Ice and snow can make your roof slippery and dangerous. Instead, walk around the outside of your home and look for visible sagging. Hire a pro to perform a roof inspection if you notice any problems.

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